Henning Koppel Bjorn Weckstrom 1935

Bjorn Weckstrom was born in 1935. At a very young age Bjorn discovered that he enjoyed the form of clay; the way in which he could mold and shape the clay, and the connection between one's self and the form. Bjorn longed to be a sculptor, but at the age of 16 was told that he must go to the Goldsmith's school. Being so young, he went, and graduated in 1956. Following his graduation Bjorn took a loan from his family to buy his first workshop in Helsinki, and set to work making bold clean forms in jewelry.
The small gold nuggets found by Björn Weckström in Lapland served as the inspiration for an entirely new style of jewellery design. Silver again inspired him to create a line that sets apart from traditional conceptions of jewellery. Each piece comprises a landscape of the outer space.
“A piece of jewelry is a miniature sculpture with the human body in the background. When I first began in the early 1960s, I wanted to turn jewelry design into small-scale form of art and raise its profile on a par with that of modern sculpting. Naturally matt gold soon became my trademark. Wearers of my jewelry relate personally to it. Some think jewelry is art, others think it is an intriguing complement to their personality or a fascinating conversation piece. Some think that it is quite simply beautiful."

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